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Specific Procurement Notice
Request for Bids – PLANT 
Employer: Ministry of Health
Project: E-Health Project
Contract title: Design, supply and installation of the Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS)
Country: Mongolia
Loan No. /Credit No. / Grant No.: 5489-MN
RFB No: MN-MOH-120874-NC-RFP
Issued on: 28 October 2019
1. The Ministry of Health has received financing from the World Bank toward the cost of the E-Health Project, and intends to apply part of the proceeds toward payments under the Contract for the design, supply and installation of the Picture Archiving and Communication System. For this contract, the Borrower shall process the payments using the Direct Payment disbursement method, as defined in the World Bank’s Disbursement Guidelines for Investment Project Financing, except for those payments, which the contract provides to be made through letter of credit.
2. The Ministry of Health now invites sealed Bids from eligible Bidders for the design, supply and installation of the centralized Picture Archiving and Communication System in selected sites of Mongolia within 12 months. The scope of the activities includes replacing of the five pilot hospitals’ workstations with a new centralized PACS system, integrating existing imaging modalities of the hospitals into the new local PACS with access to the national centralized image archive hosted by the National Data Center. The pilot hospitals are State Central Third Hospital, National Center for Trauma and Orthopedics, Songinokhairkhan District General Hospital, Khuvsgul aimag’s General Hospital, and Uvs aimag’s General hospital.
3. Bidding will be conducted through international competitive procurement using a Request for Bids (RFB) as specified in the World Bank’s “Procurement Regulations for IPF Borrowers” issued July 2016 and revised November 2017 (“Procurement Regulations”), and is open to all eligible Bidders as defined in the Procurement Regulations that meet the following qualification requirements.
General experience in Radiology Information Systems (PACS) Design and/or Supply and/or Installation contracts in the role of prima contractor, JV member, or management contractor in the last four years (2015-2018);
Demonstrated experience of performing at least one contract of similar scale, nature, complexity and cost within the last four years (2015-2018);
Minimum average volume of sales in Radiology Information Systems (PACS) Design and/or Supply and/or Installation of US$4,000,000 (United States Dollars Four million);
Minimum amount of liquid assets and/or credit facilities net of other contractual commitments of the successful Bidder of USS500,000.00 (US Dollars Five hundred thousand). 
4. Interested eligible Bidders may obtain further information from Ms. G. Enkhjargal, E-Health Project Implementation and Procurement Specialist, enkhjargal@ehp.mn and inspect the RFP document during office hours 0900-1730 hours at the address given below.
5. A Pre-Bid meeting shall take place on 12 November 2019 at 10:00 AM Ulaanbaatar time at the address given below.
6. The bidding document in English may be purchased by interested eligible Bidders upon the submission of a written application to the address below and upon payment of a nonrefundable fee of US$100.00 (United States Dollars One hundred) or equivalent in a convertible currency. The payment must be remitted to E-Health Project (beneficiary name) bank account number 106000035745 (USD account) with the State Bank of Mongolia. The document will be sent by email.
7. Bids must be delivered to the address below on or before 23 December 2019. Electronic bidding will not be permitted. Late Bids will be rejected. Bids will be publicly opened in the presence of the Bidders’ designated representatives and anyone who chooses to attend at the address below on 12 November 2019.
8. All Bids must be accompanied by a Bid Security of US$22,500.00.
9. Attention is drawn to the Procurement Regulations requiring the Borrower to disclose information on the successful bidder’s beneficial ownership, as part of the Contract Award Notice, using the Beneficial Ownership Disclosure Form as included in the bidding document.
10. The address referred to above is:
E-Health Project Implementation Unit
Address: National Center for Health Development, Khoroo 1, Sukhbaatar District,
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 14210
Phone: (976) 7011 5488 
Email: piu@ehp.mn 
Website: www.ehp.mn
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