About project

The Government of Mongolia and the International Development Agency of the World Bank had signed Financing Agreement in 2015 for implementation of E-Health Project during 2015-2020. The Mongolian Parliament ratified the Financing Agreement for implementing the E-Health Project on 9 July, 2015. The Ministry of Health officially opened E-Health Project on June 2, 2016. During its mid-term review in May 2018, the Project has undergone substantive restructuring that resulted in consolidation of original five components into restructured three focusing on design, development, implementation and piloting of the Health Information Exchange Platform and other surrounding activities. This consolidation is to ensure that the Project Development Objective is achieved by the close of the Project.

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Project objectives
The project aims to improve integration and utilization of health information and E-health solutions for better health service delivery.
Projec implementation stages
Financing Agreement concluded between the Government of Mongolia and the International Development Association.
Financing Agreement ratified by the State Ikh Khural of Mongolia.
Official launching ceremony ot the Project.
Project implementation.
Project Closure.