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The Ministry of Health is announcing a vacancy of the Risk Communication and Community Engagement Specialist for the Integrated Project Implementation Unit of the below Project. The salary rate shall be as per Minister of Finance regulation #4 on the “Utilization of Government foreign loan proceeds, implementation, administration, financing, monitoring and evaluation of projects funded by these proceeds”.


1. Contract number: MN-MoH-325523-CS-INDV

2. Implementing Organization: Ministry of Health

3.1. Project name: Mongolia COVID-19 Emergency Response and Health System Preparedness Project

3.2. Financier: World Bank

3.3. Position: Risk Communication and Community Engagement Specialist

4. Direct supervisor: Project Coordinator



1. Purpose of the position:

The purpose of the position is to:

  1. Provide support in coordinating the risk communication and ensuring public engagement, improving the preparedness of health facilities and readiness of the emergency public care under the strategic framework of the  Mongolia COVID-19 Emergency Response and Health System Preparedness Project
  2. Support the MoH to implement Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) and Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMF) per ESCP as a part of Financing Agreement.  

2. Objectives of the position:

1.         Coordinate the dissemination of COVID-19 infection prevention information to the public and support the improvement of information dissemination infrastructure.

2.         Support capacity building to diagnose and treat COVID-19 infection.

3.         Collaborate with project implementation units and implementing agencies and participate in other project activities as a team.

3. Principal activities of the position:

Time and schedule


  1. Coordinate the dissemination of information on prevention of COVID-19 disease and provide support in improvement of risk communication infrastructure
  1. Provide support in the development and dissemination of the public messages, training, and information materials aimed at improving knowledge on prevention and protection of COVID-19.

As needed


  1. Provide support in improving national and local level capacity to disseminate information through television, radio, and social media.

As needed


  1. Implement the stakeholder engagement plan (SEP) developed by the Ministry of Health.

As needed


  1. Implement the COVID-19 project Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF).

As needed


  1.  Regularly engage with Project communities to ensure information is targeted to their information needs.

As needed


  1. Ensure vulnerable groups as per the SEP are receiving information on COVID prevention and vaccination tailored to their communication needs.

As needed


  1. Regularly engage with stakeholders as defined in SEP about the activities and achievements of the Project.

As needed


  1. Ensure that appropriate project information on E&S risk and impact is disclosed to stakeholders in timely, understandable, accessible and in adequate manner and format. 

As needed


  1. Strengthen COVID-19 webpage (https://covid19.mohs.mn/) through establishing and operationalizing the grievance mechanism that will receive, record, resolve and respond to concerns and complains related to project activities from project affected parties.   

As needed


  1. Publicize the activities and achievements of the Project to the government, public, and other stakeholders.

As needed


  1. Provide support in improving capacity of the human resources in diagnosing and treating the COVID-19 infection
  1. Provide support in organizing COVID-19 diagnostics and treatment trainings

As needed


  1. Develop capacity for provision of COVID-19 prevention and treatment services to the vulnerable population groups

As needed


  1. Provide support to public and non-governmental organizations in organizing COVID-19 related trainings

As needed


  1. Cooperate with IPIU and implementing partners, participate as team member in other project activities and maintain close dialogue and communication with WHO and WB safeguard team.
  1. Provide technical assistance to the IPIU specialists and maintain close dialogue and communication with WHO and WB safeguard team

As needed


  1. Provide support in effective organization of trainings, workshops and meetings among the stakeholders

As needed


  1. Participate in development of project plans, provide relevant support in review and approval of the plans by the relevant authorities

As needed


  1. Participate in internal monitoring of the project plan implementation

As needed


Note: Time and schedule of activities shall be defined by annual work plans.




  1. General requirements





Master degree

A doctor's degree is an advantage


Public health, social development, media/journalism, medical science, hygiene and epidemiology field



* At least 7 years of work experience in public health and epidemiology field

Work experience in field of public relations/ media/communication field will be an advantage


* Ability to coordinate the emergency public healthcare services

* Ability to coordinate the medical emergency services

* Public relationship skills

* Ability to develop infographics

* Photography skills

* Video editing skills

1.2.Specific requirements

Advanced level of English in written and spoken (supported by certificates or other relevant documents).

Past experience working with diverse environment; able work in rural areas for extended period of time.


Interested individuals are requested to prepare the following documents and submit the application to below email address no later than 16:00 hours of 16 January 2023:

  1. Cover letter expressing your interest in the position with a statement of your skills and abilities.
  2. Curriculum vitae (CV) in the English language highlighting relevant skills/experience.
  3. Copies of diploma and certificates to prove education, specialization and knowledge.
  4. At least 2 reference letters to prove the required skills and on successful completion of similar scope and nature assignments from previous clients, employers.

Integrated Project Implementation Unit, COVID-19 Emergency

Response and Health System Preparedness Project, E-Health Project

Room 1103, Ayud tower, Olympic street, 1st Khoroo, Sukhbaatar District

Phone: 77077793, E-mail: munkh@ehp.mn

Submitted documents shall not be returned. Only shortlisted individuals will be contacted.




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