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Project number: P173799, P131290

Project name: Mongolia COVID-19 Emergency Response and Health System Preparedness Project, E-Health Project

Implementing organization: Ministry of Health

Financer: World Bank International Development Association

The Ministry of Health is announcing a vacancy of the Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist for the Integrated Project Implementation Unit (IPIU) of the above Projects. The salary rate shall be as per Minister of Finance regulation #4 on the “Utilization of Government foreign loan proceeds, implementation, administration, financing, monitoring and evaluation of projects funded by these proceeds”.


Purpose of the position:

To ensure the project will have in place an adequate M&E system that can provide accurate and timely information on the performance status of 1) Project activities as outlined in the Project Implementation Plan; and 2) Achievement of the objectives as outlined in the COVID-19 Vaccine Deployment Plan. The M&E system must be computerized and have a format which easily reports progress as required by MOH and the World Bank.

Objectives of the position:

  1. Support the establishment of a computerised M&E system for the project as well as for the vaccine deployment plan.
  2. Provide support to setting up and maintaining the M&E system in coordination with the relevant departments of the MOH.
  3. In coordination with the MOH, other relevant institutions and partners (UNICEF, WHO) plan for qualitative and quantitative research and surveys to further inform the deployment plan – as required and provide input to mid-term corrections if required.
  4. Regularly monitor the progress of 1) Project Implementation and 2) implementation of the vaccine deployment plan and report to the Borrower, the World Bank and other stakeholders.
  5. Contribute as a team member of the IPIU as and when required.  

Objective 1: Provide support on planning of all activities and preparing action plans of the project.

  1. Provide support to the development of the action plan on all project activities as well as on the vaccine deployment plan.
  2. Provide supervision and support to project monitoring through data analysis on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and prepare reports to allow for project implementation corrections if performance is found not be progressing as per plan or delivering on the targets set.
  3. Provide support to research and specific epidemiological data collection (including the development of survey questionnaires, question guides, etc.) to inform and reduce the infection outbreak and the vaccination coverage, support analysis and report writing and presentation of findings from such research.
  4. Prepare regular monitoring reports and present findings to Project Coordinator on a frequent and regular basis.

Objective 2.  Support the establishment of the M&E system for the project and for the vaccine deployment plan.

2.1       Develop Electronic monitoring and evaluation platform including ‘simple to use’ dashboards for the project in coordination with MASAM and supervise and support its implementation.

2.2       Develop TORs, questionnaires, survey outlines as well as expansion of the data base to facilitate interpretation of research and survey findings.

Objective 3. Provide support to the effective implementation of the vaccine deployment program including the key areas to be explored in the regular evaluation of the Program activities.

3.1     Assist Project coordinator in overseeing and tracking programmatic progress of project activities to ensure that activities are meeting their objectives and targets.

3.2     Provide support to the evaluation of vaccine delivery program effectiveness including vaccine efficacy and coverage.

3.3     Analyse reports and studies from various organizations and actors and provide constructive feedback to improve the quality of the outcomes.

3.4     Prepare an electronic platform for monitoring the implementation of the project ESMF.

Objective 4. Develop regular reports documenting project progress.

4.1     Finalize and deliver monitoring, and activity reports (weekly, monthly, semi-annual, annual) to the relevant stakeholders on both English and Mongolian languages (MOH, WB, MOF).

4.2     Provide support in development of the regular project summaries, progress reports for relevant stakeholders.

4.3     Ensure that databases for keeping track of all data on project implementation are maintained.

4.4     Ensure implementation of and compliance with the provisions of the legal agreements of the project   and regulations provided  in  the Project Implementation Manual


  • Bachelor or higher degree (Master degree shall be an advantage).
  • University degree in Business administration, Public Health or other related fields.
  • Professional experience of at least 3 years, at least 2 years of direct relevant experience in monitoring and evaluation field.
  • Experience with computerized monitoring and that experience with web-based M&E is an advantage.
  • M&E with ADB or WB will be an advantage, which will not be a reason for disqualification if not available.
  • Demonstrated experience in monitoring and evaluation in the health sector, which will be an advantage, but not a reason for disqualification if not available.
  • Strong quantitative analytical experience and skills combined with a good understanding of qualitative research methodologies.
  • Skills:  Project management; Data analysis; High integrity and accountability, good team work spirit
  • Skills to be considered as advantage: Ability to work in relevant statistical programs such as STATA, SAS, R, SPSS, qualitative data analysis
  • Fluent written and spoken English (supported by certificates or other relevant documents) is essential.


Interested individuals are requested to prepare the following documents and submit the application to below email address no later than 16:00 hours of 16 January 2023:

  1. Curriculum vitae (CV) in English language.
  2. Copies of diploma and certificates to prove education, specialization and knowledge.
  3. At least 2 reference letters to prove the required skills and on successful completion of similar scope and nature assignments from previous clients.
  4. Cover letter expressing your interest in the position with statement of the skills and abilities.

Integrated Project Implementation Unit, COVID-19 Emergency

 Response and Health System Preparedness Project, E-Health Project

Room 1103, Ayud tower, Olympic street, 1st Khoroo, Sukhbaatar District

Phone: 77077793, E-mail: munkh@ehp.mn

Submitted documents shall not be returned. Only shortlisted individuals will be contacted.


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