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REF: MN-MoH-294627-CS-INDV




1. Contract number:

2. Employer name: Ministry of Health

3. Project name: Emergency COVID-19 response and health system preparedness and E-Health  projects

3.1. Position: Financial Management Specialist

4. Title of direct supervisor: Project Coordinator




1. Objectives of the position:

The objective of this position is to manage and undertake all aspects of financial activities planned under the Projects in accordance with the laws and regulations of Mongolia and the World Bank and ensure the financial implementation of activities.

2. Key responsibilities of the position:

• Designing, establishing, and maintaining an appropriate project financial management system including functions of budgeting, accounting, financial reporting, internal controls, and external auditing;
• Establishing a computerized financial management system with an appropriate chart of accounts to set up the project for accounting and reporting;
• Preparing the project financial and disbursement plans on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis;
• Managing and maintaining Designated Account (DA) and Sub Accounts (SAs) and their replenishment in accordance with the World Bank’s disbursement requirements;
• Maintaining up-to-date accounting records and ledgers as well as asset registers;
• Preparing monthly bank reconciliation statements in a timely manner;

• Ensuring timely processing of payments to suppliers and consultants in accordance with the relevant contractual terms and conditions;
• Preparing withdrawal applications for disbursement form and documentation to the World Bank in a timely manner together with the required supporting documents (i.e. Statements of expenditures, Designated Account Reconciliation Statements, and project bank account statements);
• Ensuring that a proper internal control system is in place to achieve accountability at the level;
• Properly filing and maintaining all accounting forms and supporting documents;
• Preparing quarterly Project IFRs  and submitting them to the Bank on time;
• Working with external auditors to complete the annual audit for the Project in a timely manner and submitting audit reports to the Bank and the MOF;
• According to the standard formats approved by the MOF, preparing and submitting:
o Annual and quarterly financial reports for the Project expressed in MNT (e.g. Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement, Statement of Owner’s Equity and other related information and data) through the E-Report system (;
o Income tax statements (for the PIU staff and all consultants) expressed in MNT through the electronic system of the General Department of Taxation (https://e-tax.mta.mn/portal);
o Monthly Social Insurance Statements to the Government’s Social Insurance System (https://app.ndaatgal.mn/onlineshim/);
• According to the Law of Glass Accounts, disclosing all the required monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports, audit reports, and other financial data and information to the Glass Account Portal in a timely manner (http://shilendans.gov.mn/); and
• Performing any other tasks as reasonably assigned by the Project Coordinator.





1. Requirements for the position

1.1.   General requirements


Mandatory requirement



Bachelor or higher degree in finance or accounting.

A Master’s degree shall be an advantage.

Professional certification i.e. CPA, CA, or ACCA shall be an advantage.


§  Incumbent should have at least 4 years of directly relevant professional experience in finance and accounting. The candidate should possess the ability to work with an accounting system and be familiar with laws and standards relating to accounting, financial reporting, auditing, and taxation.



§  High professional and personal integrity,

§  Excellent communication and interpersonal skills,

§  Ability to collaborate effectively with the relevant stakeholders and implementing agencies,

§  Ability to function independently and collaboratively in a team environment,

§  Organizational skills with the ability to handle multiple assignments

§  Knowledge and experience of financial management procedures of international organizations would be an advantage

1.2. Specific requirement

Advanced level of English (supported by certificates or other relevant documents)


The work is expected to commence in May 2022. The duration of the assignment is for 11 months. The selection will be in accordance with the World Bank’s Procurement Regulations for IPF Borrowers (Nov 2020).


Interested individuals are requested to prepare the following documents and submit the application to below email address no later than 16:00 hours of 26 May 2022:

- Cover letter expressing your interest in the position with statement of the skills and abilities.

- Curriculum vitae (CV) in the English language highlighting relevant skills/experience.

- Copies of diploma and certificates to prove education, specialization and knowledge.

- 2 reference letters from the previous last two employers.


Integrated Project Implementation Unit, COVID-19 Emergency

 Response and Health System Preparedness Project, E-Health Project

Room 1103, Ayud tower, Olympic street, 1st Khoroo, Sukhbaatar District

Phone: 77077793, E-mail: munkh@ehp.mn

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