Health data, information technology standard discussion workshop
Within the framework of the E-Health project financed by the World Bank, Chorus AB jointly with Mono Solution LLC successfully organized a discussion workshop on “Health data, information technology standards” in the B hall of the Ministry of Health on January 24, 2020. Ministry of Health signed a contract with Chorus AB for development of the Health Data and Information Technology Standards.    
A total of 60 health professionals and information technology specialists, including Ministry of Health, Center for Health Development, State Central Hospital #1, State Central Hospital #2, State Central Hospital #3, National Traumatology and Orthopedics Research Center, National Center for Maternal and Child Health, National Center for Communicable Diseases, General Health Insurance Department, Mongolian University of Medical Sciences, Ulaanbaatar City Health Department, maternity hospitals, Chingeltei, Khan-Uul, Songinokhairhan and Khan-Uul district general hospitals, Dornogobi, Sukhbaatar, Umnugobi, Uvs and Khentii aimag health departments, Intermed Hospital, and representatives of the private companies operating in the health information technology field, participated in the workshop.         
Specialists of Chorus AB, a leading health information technology company in Sweden, and Mono Solution LLC shared information of health data standards and facilitated discussions among the participants using innovative survey tools. Detailed information of the workshop was made available through mobile application.
Project Implementation Unit.
Published: 2020-01-29 өдөр 13:44:3 цаг