Since 2016 Minister of Health has been implementing the E-Health project, financed by the World Bank. Within the framework of this project, the E-Health training center opening ceremony took place in the Center for Health Development on December 13, 2019. The purpose of this center is to train doctors and specialists who will be participating in the transfer of the health sector into the e-system. By transmitting the healthcare sector to the e-system, it creates a possibility to eliminate duplication of the patient diagnostics, to receive medical treatment without any delay from the countryside to the city, and to make an appointment in advance for outpatient examination, inpatient hospitalization. Also an opportunity to receive a health certificate electronically required by the new jobs or schools.      
Member of Parliament, Minister of Health D.Sarangerel opened the center by saying “The Government of Mongolia has initiated the Digital Mongolia National Program and transferring of state services in electronic form to reduce the burden of bureaucracy and corruption by exploring the experience of Estonia and the other countries with well-developed information technology services. The E-Health project, financed by the World Bank, implementation in the health sector is the main activity to achieve this goal. The center was provided with a total of 150 million tugrugs of financing, including 35 laptops, smart boards, projector, and digital copier, teaching aid and study furniture.” 
Organizing training such as specialized training of the information technology specialists in the health sector, training of physicians and medical specialists of Ulaanbaatar city and districts, and web-based online remote-based training for physicians and professionals of the rural area will take place in this center.  
Published: 2020-01-13 өдөр 10:46:0 цаг